I like knowing where I am going!

Recently our family was visiting our hometown and, in trying to get from one location to another in K.C., we found ourselves in the middle of road construction. A sign appeared in the middle of the road stating, “NO THROUGH TRAFFIC.”  Jeff turns to me and says, “Can we get through here?” and my immediate response was “Sure we can! We just have to cut through this subdivision,” as I pointed to the street to my right.road construction sign

So we turned and began to maneuver our way around the subdivision. What might have been complicated to someone who was unfamiliar with the area (like Jeff), was easy for me because I had been here before. Taking this short cut saved us several minutes, which was important because we were already late for an appointment. As we arrived on the other side of the subdivision I commented with a sigh of relief, “I love knowing where I am going!”

Which got me to thinking…………

Am I that assured I am going to heaven? My response is, “Yes!” See, I can have that assurance because I have surrendered my life to Christ; I live daily trying to please Him. Am I perfect? NO! But is my attitude such that I am seeking to please Him every day? Yes.

See, God isn’t looking for perfection. In fact, just the opposite is true. He says, “In your weakness I am strong.” Did you get that?  “OUR Weakness – HIS Strength.” So many times we have that backwards.

God is looking for someone who is willing to die to themselves and surrender their will to Him. Just like Jeff, as we drove through the subdivision, was following my directions until he realized where he was. The sooner we begin following Him, and surrender our will, the more time it will save us, as well as the heartache and pain of trying to live life our own way. Too often, we go down a detoured path God never intended us to be on. It is then that we soon realize following Christ is the only way.

Jesus is looking for His children, who will follow Him. Will YOU follow Him today?

Let’s Pray:

God, for too long I have tried to do things my own way, I want to surrender myself to you today. Guide me down the path you would have me go and lead me in the direction you have for my life. Lord, I give my all to you!
In Jesus name Amen!

If you believe what you prayed above, please email me, at: behindtheparsonagewalls@gmail.com and let me know your life has been changed today. Then find a church where you can go and learn the truth of God’s word so you can grow in Him.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!