Will the birds carry you away?

Part of the advantage of moving to Tulsa while we raise our budget to become missionaries is the fact that we get to be here to help our kid out during his serious health issue better known as his heart attack. 

One of those things we get to help with is babysitting the grands. The other day Jeff had taken J.J our 4 yr old grandson out to lunch while his mom and I did something. While at the restaurant the waitress teased J.J. about the crumbs on his shirt and how if he didnt clean them off the birds would come and eat them right off his shirt and possibly carry him away.


After the waitress walked away, with wide eyes and a curious look J.J. asked “ Poppy would the birds really carry me away? To which Jeff replied “ No, J.J. she was just teasing you” But J.J still feeling a little uncertain asked “But what if they did come and try? What would you do then Poppy?” to which Jeff responded “ I’d punch them in the face and make sure they didn’t hurt you. J.J smiled as if to say “Iam gonna be okay cause Poppy is here” 

As Jeff told me this story it got me thinking… Aren’t we all a little like 4 yr old J.J? We know bad things are possible, we know there is a God who is with us but don’t we all wonder sometimes “But what if it did??” We ask God directly or indirectly “What will you do God, if it does happen?”

In the book of Isaiah chapter 41 we see the prophet tell the children of Israel how God would protect them and save them He tells them in Verse 10

So do not fear, for I am with you do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Just like Jeff assured J.J. that he would be there to protect him. We can rest in the fact that if we have given our life to Christ and strive to follow in His will and His ways He will also be there to protect us just like He did the children of Israel. We don’t have anything to fear. 

Does it mean our life will be easy? “No!” But we know who walks with us in this life and we can rest in the fact that even when times get tough. He is working all things together for our good even when we don’t understand. (read Romans 8:28) 

And just like the bible says if we will come to our Heavenly Father with the faith of a little child,(Matt 18:3 & Mark 10:14) just like J.J. put his faith in his Poppy knowing that as long as he stayed close to Poppy nothing was going to hurt him, no matter how scared he felt or what people told him. 

So we have a choice today. What voices will you listen to? Who will you trust? J.J. trusts his Poppy cause he knows his Poppy. So take some time each day and get to know your Heavenly Father, because we don’t trust the people we don’t know! 

What would Social Media would look like in the Bible Days?

In the past 10 months I have often wondered what Social Media would of looked like if they had it back in the bible days. Especially, in the book of Exodus when the plaques came to Egypt. Because remember, everybody in the country wasn’t hearing those conversations Moses and Pharaoh was having.

Or what about in the story of Jesus birth where they killed all the babies under 2yrs old? Then, again in the times of Moses birth, where they were killing all the baby boys because the Pharaoh feared the Jews would become to powerful! Then there was the season of evil rulers. What would social media look like then if they had it? I don’t think much different than it does today. I am sure conspiracy theories ran rapid. Some true some not!

See, times haven’t changed that much, people in the bible weren’t superhero’s with super powers. Just men and woman like you and me with a faith in God willing to step out and follow whatever He said in uncertain times.

God hasn’t changed either. He is still faithful, He still provides, He still loves us as His children. So these are not new times, or new issues that came unrepentantly to God.  All throughout the bible He had a plan and nothing has changed. He is still working His plan!

The question is who is your source? Who will you depend on? What are you listening too? Because just a little word of advice the only ones with positive outcomes in the bibles, is the people who listened to God.