Conversation at our house – We have to die together

Jeff has been sick for a week and because of that, most of his responsibilities for the week have landed on me. (Including teaching at Wednesday Night Bible Study, and Preaching on Sunday!)  So, as I am walking out the door for 3 meetings in row, here is our conversation:
Jeff: Thanks for taking care of everything for me this week baby.

Me: That’s OK! When I take a week off and go to Kansas City, YOU can take care of everything!

Jeff: What?? Oh NO!! (with a twinkle in his eye) I will make sure there is nothing planned, if you are gone. Everything will have to be canceled if you aren’t here.

Me: Oh, please!!!! You are more than capable of taking care of all this yourself. You are so much better at being without me than I am at being without you!

Jeff: I don’t know why you say that, you know it isn’t true! We are no good at all without each other; it takes both of us to make it!

Me: (as I lean over and kiss his forehead goodbye) You are right Mr. Miller. We have to die together, because we are helpless without each other.




Conversations at our house – Funny Moment

Funny moment at the Miller House. Explanation- we have this thing at our house that my children understand that whatever I put there name on that is the piece of furniture etc. they will get when their father and I pass away. Apparently, they are in a bit of a hurry to find out what that will be because they have started taking it upon themselves to label what they want (no one ever said our family doesn’t plan ahead) example scenario #1 (while Lee was visiting just sitting around the dining room table)
LEE: Mom I want those salt and pepper shakers when you are gone. (referring to some his great grandma owned)
ME: OK put your name on them
CHAD: quietly gets up goes to his room and comes back with HIS address labels and begins to place his labels on the said salt and pepper shakers. (We all roll on the floor LOL!!)
Scenario #2 yesterday
AMY: When I move out can I have the dining room table.
ME: Probably
CHAD: Quietly slips over to the table pulls out his labels and puts 2 on the bottom side of it!! LOLOL!!!!!!

If Jeff and I mysteriously die, you have 3 suspects Lololol!!  you know cause we have so much wealth to give them #sonottrue Lololol!!

You call me Friend !

Amy & Chad

Amy & Chad

We have all done it: admired and looked up to a leader or person from afar; created pedestals for them, and somehow now believe they are better than us. We think we would never be able to speak to them or be their friend; that they are beyond the reach of what we could be. They are too pretty, too smart, too gifted, too anointed, too rich, or too skinny. They are far more than we think we could ever hope to be. They are the people who appear to have their stuff together and make those of us, who feel we don’t, even more conscious that we could be doing better. Not in a condemning kind of way, but a way that inspires us to do more, be more, do our best.
Then it happens. You get the e-mail or the phone call, and they call you, “friend!” I remember when this happened to me. There was a particular ministry leader who I could not imagine would ever have anything to do with me, I just wasn’t that good. Then one day I got an e-mail from her that said, “Hey Friend!” Friend? She called me, Friend?? What??? No way!!! I can’t be her friend, I am not that good. I could never be good enough to be her friend! After having a small meltdown and a little panic attack, it hit me why I was freaking out.
It was because I looked up to her relationship with Christ; I admired her spiritual leadership; and, as long as I looked on from afar, I wasn’t on her level. But as soon as I became her friend I was no longer looking up to her, but I was her peer! I would suddenly (at least in my mind) need to be on the same level as her spiritually!  Or, worse yet, is it possible she saw something in me that I had not seen in myself that she felt she wanted to be a part of? Could it be possible I could be a blessing to her?? I don’t know about you, but I am always amazed that God would choose to use me, that He sees something worthy enough in me to allow me to be a blessing to someone else, because I know I am just not that good and it is only in Him that I can do anything.
You know, in the Bible it says that Jesus calls us “friend.” (See John 15:15). In fact we were created because God wanted someone who could choose to be His friend. Not because we had to, but because we chose too.  The Bible says the very rocks will cry out and praise Him, if He commands them!  But God gave us a choice, a choice to choose to choose Him, and I don’t know about you but I am amazed that Jesus chose me to be His friend! (See James 2:23).
The unique thing about my perspective of not being good enough for my “friends,” is the truth is that there is someone out there who feels that way about you and me. They feel privileged and a little better about themselves when we reach out to them with a smile, or a quick lunch, a listening ear, or when we call them “friend!” The truth is, we all have influence on someone; and the question is, are we using it for the Lord?
There is a song that goes something like this: “I am a friend of God, I am a friend of God, I am a friend of God, He calls me friend! Who am I that You are mindful of me, that You hear me when I call . . . ”
I love this song because it reminds me how much God loves me and cares for me. And that makes me want to share this love with someone else. I don’t think I will ever (and I hope I will never ever) get over the amazement that God loves me and will use me, if I will just allow Him to do so. The question is, “Who does God want you to bless today with your time and attention?”  Sometimes all we need is someone to call us friend!