I was reading something today that reminded me that God is God in the Valley and on the Mountain top. Our problem is sometimes we want God to do it our way in our time and when we believe it should be done. But if He did that then, He would not really be God now would He? He would be our servant and He did not come to follow us and our wishes but He came and asked us to “follow me”. That means He is the leader and it is about His timing not ours. When our children were younger they did not understand why we would sometimes say “No” or “Wait a little while” But we knew why our decisions were being made because we knew what was best for them at the time, because we could see how their choices might affect their future and yes sometimes we even had to let our children be so unhappy with our decisions that it sometimes caused them pain. But all the time we were there holding their hand with our arms around them even carrying them if we needed to. God is like that with us. He loves us so much and He will see you through these times. I can understand being so frustrated with the circumstances of life that you are looking anywhere you can to find an answer. But be assured Jesus is the only answer you need. He will carry you through if you only allow Him to. So just follow Him.

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