Spring is coming and the Son is shining!

rose-606861_1280Well, it looks like Spring is officially here! The weather man is predicting temps close to 80 today the wind is blowing, (like it does on every good spring day in Kansas). Yesterday, I woke to at thunderstorm which is a sure tail sign of spring in Kansas. The Tulips, Iris and Daffodils are in bloom everywhere the grass has turned a beautiful shade of green, all marking the beginning of the new season. Just to think, 2 weeks ago we had 8 inches of snow on the ground and we thought we would never see daylight again. 2009/2010 winter has been one of the hardest yet. We have been stuck in our houses, receiving twice as much snow as we’ve had in 30yrs. There were days that were so dark, it seemed like we had not seen the sun in weeks. Anytime there was the slightest bit of sun that shine through the clouds. Talk on facebook, was comments like ” What is that strange bright light in the sky”. People were longing to see a break in what seemed to be a eternity of drab depressing weather. Some of us were beginning to think we had been mysteriously moved to Alaska. We longed to see the light of day and warm weather come. Instead of being locked in the house bundled up feeling cold and alone.

All this got me thinking about our Spiritual lives, there are some days even weeks and months, where you go through a time when you feel like it is winter and you will never see the light of day again. You may even feel like the “Son” has left you and all you have to hold onto is the faith in the calendar that says “Spring is coming” I am so thankful for the scripture that says ” He who is faithful to start a new work in you will complete it” God promises “He will never leave us or forsake us” and sometimes in our lives that is all we have to hold onto. We can look outside our spiritual windows of life and see the sun isn’t shining, but we can hold fast to the truth that God is there and He is faithful. Then, just like on that 1st beautiful spring day we wake up to see our prayers have been answered and the sun has come out and the flowers are blooming again.

So if your Spirit is still in winter, not to worry… Spring is coming!

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