The Miller Family Planning for the 2011 Blizzard

Our kids are all a “Buzz” with the idea of a possible blizzard and power outage. Amy asked ” But will we have heat if the power goes out” Jeff responds” No” Amy replies ” Then what will we do to keep warm? Bentley will freeze to death!!!! (her 8pd almost hairless dog) ” Chad responds” Good! Thanks u Jesus!!”….. Later in the day Jeff remarks “We might have to bring in the wood stove to keep warm if we lose power” Chad asks ” How will Annie keep warm (his lizard) Amy responds ” See Bentley wont be the first to go, Annie will die first!!”. …..And all I can think of is neither Bentley nor Annie has enough meat on them to feed the family if we start to starve! 😉 LOL !

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