Why am I doing this again??

Recently, I called a friend of mine and said, “Will you go by such-and-such address and pick up a vacuum cleaner for me?  It will be sitting by the curb.”  Without hesitation or question, her response was, “Sure!”  We continued our conversation about other things in our lives and then, before we hung up, she said, “I trust you and everything, but tell me again, why am I picking up this vacuum cleaner?”

At that point I explained to her that I belong to a free recycling group online and someone was giving it away.  (She lives in a small town about 15 miles from me, and the vacuum cleaner was in her town.)

As I pondered our conversation later, I thought, “You know, that is the way I feel about God sometimes.  I often think, but maybe never say it, ‘God, I trust you and all, but, tell me again:  Why I am doing this?’”

God never promised us as Christians we would not have any struggles.  Sometimes we are tempted to doubt and give up.  As home-schooling parents, there are days when it is just not easy and we may even question “Why are we doing this again?”  But Gods word promises that if we are faithful with little He will give us much.  When we stand in faith through the trials God gives us, He will give us so much more influence on those around us.  There is never anything we go through but what, if we will only allow God to use what we go through, he will open up the doors for us to help others from what we have learned through our challenges.

Some days, life can just be overwhelming and we would rather stay in the bed and pull the covers over our head.  But we know if we do, our children will not get the education they need, let alone the nourishment and guidance they need for the day.  (Besides, they might burn down the house if we stay there!)  It is on those days that if we will just pick ourselves up and do what we are called to do, it may very well be the most successful day we have had in a long time.

You have to admit, there is nothing better than when you work with your kids for an extended period of time to learn their multiplication tables, spelling words etc. and they succeed!  What an awesome feeling of success!  Not only for them, but for us!  Or, maybe it is just them showing their giving, loving heart and kindness to others.  Whatever the success, we have had a part in it.

Perhaps your child has special challenges – perhaps in some areas they may not ever be able to learn and you ask yourself, “Why are we doing this again?”  Don’t ever forget, these children we have are God’s greatest blessings we have ever been given and God has called you to be their greatest influence.

Don’t give up!  Continue to be faithful!  Remember, when we are faithful with what we are given, God will give us great influence on those around us.  There is nothing that comes to you that doesn’t pass by God first.

Our family has a personal struggle going on in our lives right now, and as I shared it with a friend of mine the other day, she responded, “Well, we will pray for Gods will.”  I told her flat out, “Honestly, I don’t want God’s will right now!  I want my will and my will is that my child be perfect and succeed at whatever he puts his hands to do.”  It was an honest answer, but reality is, if I trust God, I have to be faithful in my trust to him in this trial, even though I don’t see why our circumstances have to be this way.  But I trust God enough to know, that as I hold onto his hand, I will see His will and purpose in this situation and I will be greatly influential for Him because of it.

Your greatest influence sits at your feet today.  They believe you are the most amazing person they know (even if they never tell you).  God has called you to be an influence on all you come in contact with …..  and that is why you’re doing this!

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