We Are Who We Are

The other day on our city’s Facebook page they posted that a certain part of our city’s water would be turned off for a while due to repairs. An amazing friend of mine responded and said ” They turned our water off the other day but it was because we forgot to pay the bill”  I was mortified and amazed at my friend, all at the same time. I personally would have NEVER posted such a thing on Facebook and truthfully it is because I have to much pride in that area of my life.

(Not to say we haven’t forgotten to pay the bill, I am just not brave enough to post it)1465779_10153566093435487_704899309_o

As I begin to think about what I considered her bravery, the Lord begin to reveal to me issues in my own life. Yes, there is way too much pride in my life. But, I just began to have a great respect for this friend because of how comfortable she is in her own skin. She is who she is and nothing more! I admire that about her. I love real people like that, don’t you??? I try to be real, I have even professed I am “just a real person”  but the truth is there is so much more I have to learn to let go of. Perhaps my reservations come from an extensive amount of rejection I have had in my life through family, church, denominational rules etc. Then as I do with everything I wondered how that is affecting my kids??? What have I inadvertently passed down to my children now looking back, that can hurt them later on in life. Is it my perfectionism?? Is it my fears??? My insecurities???  the list goes on……

But as moms haven’t we all done that??? Don’t we all worry about everything that has to do with our children. Oh!! For some of us it is a minor concern and for others it may consume us.  God has given us a huge responsibility in raising our children. But we must remember we are not alone in this journey whether you’re a single mom just trying to make ends meet, or a mom working while dad stays home or the mom who is with her kids 24/7 while dad works 24/7 just to make it. God has not left us alone. In His word before He ascended to heaven He promised He would send us a Comforter, one that would be there for us. He also says “Do not fear for the Lord your God is with you”. He also reminds us that God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind!

We cannot be overwhelmed by the things of this world. Because we are not of this world. This world would have us think we have to look like this, have this car, build this size house or else we are not good enough. Your group of moms you hang out with may sometimes make you feel that if your kid isn’t at the same standard as their kid is, you’re not a good enough mom. Everywhere we turn there is someone or something saying, implying or making us feel we have to be better.

I encourage you to shake off that feeling, don’t even allow those thoughts to come into your mind. That is what impresses me about my friend; she knows who she is in life and she knows who she isn’t, most of all she knows she is a child of God and I believe she would probably say, the rest is just gravy. Because when we know who we are in Christ and because we know that He loves us with a everlasting love. I mean, It is not just knowing like I know who the president of the U.S is. It is a knowing, a true realization that takes place in our hearts. Where we not only know, but we trust in, and rely on Him, like you would a good friend that watches over us and protects us. When we realize that He promises, He will not leave us, that nothing can separate us from His love. Then we can shut out the rest of the world, if it is only for a little while, while we gather our thoughts together and focus on the REAL purpose of life. I am reminded of an old song we used to sing in church but the words are so true today. ” Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.”  Let’s remember this week that we are children of God and we are not what we were before we knew him. We have been renamed, reclaimed by Him. We do not have to be overcome by the standards and ideas of this world. God has a different path for each and everyone of us. When we realize the unfailing and unconditional love of our Savior it is then that we can be free of the standards that this world has set before us.

There is not a mom out there that would say she has 2 children just alike. All 3 of my kids have different learning styles, desires, gifts, talents, and quirks. They are not the same kid!!  I have a funny one, a giver and a studious child.  They have commonalities but they are completely different kids. Which is really frustrating when it comes to buying curriculum!! They don’t even learn like me!!!  I believe God looks down on us like that and just the way I admire and appreciate each one of my children for their differences I believe He looks at us like that to. He realizes that He gave each of us talents and giftings that others may not have and He appreciates us for it. In fact He designed it that way.

For a long time I fought a gift that God had given me. I have a gift that for many years I have tried to suppress. It was only recently that I said forget everything else and I am going to step into that gift and with boldness and confidence I stepped out. Because of that choice it has been life changing for our family. But I have never felt more in God’s will than I do right now. If I had listened to all the naysayers in my head. I would not be doing what I am doing today. But because (like my friend) I was just real, it has changed my family’s life.

I encourage you to be who God has called you to be today, nothing more, nothing less. Don’t worry about what others will say but step into that gift that God has given you. And most of all learn to accept your kids for who they are, nothing more, nothing less. We all have strengths and weakness. Let’s praise the strengths and encourage the weak!


We are who we are nothing more, nothing less, perfect in His image….. Children of God and He loves us!!


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