True Love!

Do you see this pillow? This pillow to me means love. Not the pillow itself, but it’s the act of my sweet husband making sure it’s in the seat of his truck every time I have to use it, because he’s borrowed my car. I never have to ask, I just walk out there and it is there. He knows I can’t see over the steering wheel of his truck without it. He know I can barely reach the foot petals. He knows driving his truck is not my favorite thing to do, because let’s just say it’s” his” truck. But when there is no other choice and he has to use my car and I have to use his truck, he makes sure I’m taken care of, by this little act of putting the pillow in the seat. It’s just one of the selfless acts he does all too often for me. He is always thinking about me. When he is at the store and sees something I like on sale he makes sure he picks it up. He remembers the little things I say only to try and fulfill them for me at a later date.  I have to admit I am not that good. I rarely remember what he tells me he would like to have, and thinking about it, it’s because he rarely asks for anything. The other day Jeff and I were visiting with some friends and the husband said that he asked her “What do you want…..?”  concerning some remodeling project they were doing, and I thought that was so strange that he would have to ask. You see, because Jeffrey would never have to ask me, I would have already told him, and probably gave my opinion of how to do it.

Every relationships is different though,  See, I show my love to Jeffrey Miller in a different way. To him, love is making sure his underwear drawer is always full. I would be mortified and would feel Jeff would be implying, I am not a good enough wife, if he started doing the laundry all of the sudden. Another sign of respect is I always make sure he is served first at the table, when the kids were at home, and still to this day when they come back home, they know, daddy gets the plate with the largest portion and is always served first. It is just a sign of respect and honor because he works all day everyday to provide for this family. He deserves it. I also, feel he deserves to come home to a relatively clean home, (It’s not perfect by no means) but he and I made a deal a long time ago, as long as I stayed at home, I would manage the house and maintain it and he would provide for the family. So this is my job, to make sure there is peace when he comes home and before he leaves every morning I try to ask ” Baby, is there anything I can do for you today while you’re gone?” Just assuring him, if he needs me to do something I am here.

You know all this got me thinking? How do we show our love to God? Do we ask everyday before we walk out the door “Lord, what can I do for you today?” Do we consider what He needs from us? Do we serve Christ first out of everything He has given us?  See, all to often we try to separate our spiritual life, to Sunday mornings only while the rest of the week, we live like we want. When instead Christ wants a relationship with us. None of our marriages would last very long if we only saw and talked to each other 1 hour out of a week,  Would they?

Christ is there everyday, watching over us, assuring we have what we need before we even ask. (Ephesians 3:20) and notice I said what we need. All to often we get that confused with what we want and expect Him to provide all our wants and dreams. When the truth is, he is always their making sure we have what we need. He is the one that diverts the drunk driver away from us before we ever even see him. God is the one that sees that financial set back coming and keeps you from investing in something you think is a sure deal. He is there in the quiet of the night giving you a peaceful sleep, refusing to let any harm or restlessness come to your thought life. He is there all the time that unseen hand reaching out to protect and provide for us. We don’t have to ask, He is just there like that pillow shows up in Jeff’s truck.

So today, ask yourself, “What do I do everyday to show, love and respect to my Heavenly Father?”

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