The Camper Cushions

If you have been following this column then you know there has been a lot of things happening behind these parsonage walls! You know that back in September, Jeff and I felt God confirm in our hearts that we should join the U.S Missions Department with the Assemblies of God. Where we will be over Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico Churches, Helping connect churches with needs from Construction to Clerical with other churches and individuals that can help meet those needs. Our Goal is, Strengthening Churches, Changes Lives, One Project at a Time. Because we still believe the local church is the way God plans to bring people closer to Him. 


If you have followed this column you also know when we felt God calling us to this ministry we knew we were going to need a few things to make that happen, Since we will be traveling about 40 weekends out of the year, we need a newer to us vehicle that gets good gas mileage and must have good heat and air, unlike the car we have now and frankly our present car as so much other things wrong with it, it isn’t worth fixing. 


Secondly, we knew we needed a place to live in Tulsa which will be more centrally located to our area as well as a camper and truck to pull it with since, we may need to stay gone for longer periods and don’t want the added expense of hotels and never not want to be able to helps someone because of their inability to house us. 


So we just begin to thank God that He would provide these needs. After all, Matt 6:8 says “ He knows what we need before we even ask” so if He knows what we are going to ask, because He already knows what we need. I believe He also knows what we are going to need before He asks us to step out in faith and do something for Him. 


You may already know that since we stepped out in faith and shared what we felt God calling us to do,  in November, God has since given us, a home to live in for free in Oklahoma, and a camper for free as well. Now! You may be thinking that is Amazing! But, this past week before we went to pick up the camper, the owner said, “I was recovering the cushions for you and I ran out of material” She went on to say so she went into a second hand store to see if she could find something that would work  with her present material, and guess what happened? She not only found the exact material! But it was cut in 2 exact pieces the exact size that she needed. 


Now you can’t tell me that was an accident? I believe with everything within me that God is working all things together for our good and He has called us to this time and this place. I believe that someone somewhere was making something out of this material and had two pieces of material that God ordained just for her to use on our camper before either of us knew she was even going to give it away.  


You know why I believe that? Because His word says. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 


It also tells us in Luke 12:7 that He even knows how many hairs or lack thereof are on our heads! So why wouldn’t God care enough about this mission He has called Jeff and I on to supply the most minute detail that we need! 


Let me tell you something! If He will do it for Jeff and I He will do it for you too! But watch what that verse says! “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who  have been called according to his purpose.”


There are some requirements. First we need to love Him and I believe it’s more than an attitude of “Well I don’t hate God?” attitude but it needs to be a genuine love Him more than life itself attitude, that you’d give your life for Him mentality. That He isn’t just someone you call on when you have a problem, but He is your constant friend that you talk to everyday and He talks to you. 


Secondly, It says “have been called according to HIs purpose. We all have a calling on our life, God has called us all to follow Him and what His word says, but if we truly love Him, referring back to the first point “for those that love Him” We are going to do what He says so if He says leave your church that you love and have a secure income in to step out in faith and trust Him to supply your needs through donations from your friends and others every month, then you do it! 


Trusting He is calling you to do that! Or maybe it is trusting God to supply the need of a missionary like us and feeling God is asking you to help but you know you don’t have the extra finances to do it. Maybe it is just calling up a friend and checking on them, but you are shy and you don’t want to bother them. Maybe it is asking someone to come over to your house and eat, but you don’t really like to cook and you are afraid you house isn’t clean enough. 


I don’t know what God is calling you to do, but whatever that strange thought you have in your head bouncing around that, seems crazy to even consider and it is greater than you could do on your own and if it helps others or shares God’s love with someone, I am betting it is God speaking to you. Especially if it seems like there is no way you can do it on your own. 


So what are you going to do with that call? Let me tell you that if you will trust Him, I promise He will meet you there. Just like the cushions in the camper, God’s got a plan for whatever He is calling you to do. He already has made a way and He knows what you will need before He asks you to step out in faith and do it. He is just waiting on you to take the first step! So what are you going to do? 


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