Conversation at our house – We have to die together

Jeff has been sick for a week and because of that, most of his responsibilities for the week have landed on me. (Including teaching at Wednesday Night Bible Study, and Preaching on Sunday!)  So, as I am walking out the door for 3 meetings in row, here is our conversation:
Jeff: Thanks for taking care of everything for me this week baby.

Me: That’s OK! When I take a week off and go to Kansas City, YOU can take care of everything!

Jeff: What?? Oh NO!! (with a twinkle in his eye) I will make sure there is nothing planned, if you are gone. Everything will have to be canceled if you aren’t here.

Me: Oh, please!!!! You are more than capable of taking care of all this yourself. You are so much better at being without me than I am at being without you!

Jeff: I don’t know why you say that, you know it isn’t true! We are no good at all without each other; it takes both of us to make it!

Me: (as I lean over and kiss his forehead goodbye) You are right Mr. Miller. We have to die together, because we are helpless without each other.



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