Conversations at our house – Funny Moment

Funny moment at the Miller House. Explanation- we have this thing at our house that my children understand that whatever I put there name on that is the piece of furniture etc. they will get when their father and I pass away. Apparently, they are in a bit of a hurry to find out what that will be because they have started taking it upon themselves to label what they want (no one ever said our family doesn’t plan ahead) example scenario #1 (while Lee was visiting just sitting around the dining room table)
LEE: Mom I want those salt and pepper shakers when you are gone. (referring to some his great grandma owned)
ME: OK put your name on them
CHAD: quietly gets up goes to his room and comes back with HIS address labels and begins to place his labels on the said salt and pepper shakers. (We all roll on the floor LOL!!)
Scenario #2 yesterday
AMY: When I move out can I have the dining room table.
ME: Probably
CHAD: Quietly slips over to the table pulls out his labels and puts 2 on the bottom side of it!! LOLOL!!!!!!

If Jeff and I mysteriously die, you have 3 suspects Lololol!!  you know cause we have so much wealth to give them #sonottrue Lololol!!

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