This is what we do…..

Today I did something I did not want to do, it something I dreaded because in one since it makes me face the hard reality that, there but for the grace of God goes I. In some ways I now feel guilty that I have, what they will now not. But it is what we do.  As we pulled into the parking lot tears began to run down my face as I saw line after line of cars parked of people who had come to do the same as I, I knew, this is what we do, we do it because we are all in this army, we are all in the same battle and when one hurts we all hurt, when one is in pain we all are in pain, because that is what we do, I don’t have to know them well to know that if I were in the same situation american-20406_1920I would want those who I call friends whether distant, acquaintances, or good, I would want them with me, and as line after line of the cars lined up and we all got out to do what we do, our solemn and respectful demeanor told it all. As I looked around to see there were others who are warriors like me, in this battle that came to do the same because that is what we do, we support each other, we come along side each other when others are in need. I don’t have to have been to their house or even know this person we have come to honor today I only have to know that his parents are in the same war I serve in, it is a war against the evil one and although we have not traveled the same path, our paths are the same, my heart breaks over what their heart breaks over, and my heart rejoices over what theirs rejoices for, because that is what we do. And when we entered the church it was plain to see there were many other soldiers in this war like me, who had come to do the same as me, because this is what we do. In war you never leave a soldier behind, you never abandon your comrades. No matter the cost, no matter the price. Because that is what we do. I am proud to be in this army of warriors who come along side our broken, wounded and just wore out. Because this is what we do. The commander today reminded us in Ecclesiastics 7:2 that this is all of our destiny (unless The Lord should return first) then he asked us one thing, What will they say about you?  As I pondered what my answer would be I have to say it is ……………… I hope they remember, This is what I do!

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